HP Tuners Credits

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HP Tuners uses a credit-based licensing system. Credits are used as currency to purchase licenses for the different modules in a vehicle.
Licensing a module gives you the ability to tune it. The number of credits necessary to purchase a license varies depending on the vehicle.
Many vehicles are 2 credits for licensing the ECM/PCM, and may have additional options such as a TCM, FICM, or CCM.
You can find a complete list of supported vehicles and credit cost on the HP Tuners supported vehicle page. Please verify the number of credits needed for your vehicle before purchasing!

Vehicle licenses are tied to the VIN, PCM OS, and PCM Serial Number. If those values don’t change, the vehicle will remain licensed on that
interface and can be tuned indefinitely. One interface can store thousands of licenses and can be used to tune all the vehicles we support.
Once you purchase an RTD+, you can datalog only without purchasing credits. You don’t have to license a module until you are
ready to write a new file to the vehicle.