CPR Turbo Kit for 2011-2014 Mustang 5.0

CPR Turbo Kit for 2011-2014 Mustang 5.0

Turbo kit comes with the following:

S400 mid frame turbo with a custom billet compressor wheel from Forced Inductions. 76-80-84mm compressors and multitude of turbines are available in the base kit.

Turbo brace to keep the weight of the turbo off the kit, is included.

CPR designed and built custom K-member, AND tubular radiator support

JGS 60mm wastegate

JGS 50mm BOV

Tubular 4-1 headers with V-bands and CNC 1/2 inch thick header flanges

Cross over V-banded w flex tube and routing for internally routed dump for wastegate

5in down pipe split into dual 3in to tie back into your stock axle back. No need to buy a mid pipe after kit purchase!

Headers, cross over and down pipes mild steel and are coated black in 2000deg temp coating.

HUGE A/A intercooler using genuine Garret cores. Has been proven at twice the HP level to have an inlet rise of less than half of Chinese vertical cores of the competition. As the largest cooler on the market it recently saw only a 12deg inlet rmi stripe. And has been as fast as 8.21@170 with only a 50 deg rise

We also have a dual 1000hp Garret cored intercooler for those looking to go "full retard" and go to the 1200rwhp+ territory. 800 additional for 2000hp worth of intercooler. 900-1000rwhp the inlets climb only 3deg F.

Oil feed lines w adapter to tap into stock oiling system. -10 push loc with silicone drain hose for easy assembly and install.

Longest MAF tube on the market. Puts the MAF in a LONG straight section of tubing and close to the engine. Your tuner will love tuning this compared other blo thru set ups on the market.

Slim line dual fan setup to replace stock fan.

Relocated expansion tank

High quality turbo turbo blanket w a lifetime warranty. If you can do a set of long tubes or k-member, you can easily install this kit.

If you are interested in the kit, please Contact Us for more info!