Send Us Your Stock Tune with the HP Tuners RTD+

Posted by Jonathan Baker on

If you currently have an HP Tuners RTD+ and have purchased a custom tune through Jonathan's Performance, follow these steps to get your tuning started.

Step 1. If your car has a tune from another device or another tuning business, return the vehicle tune to stock. FAILURE TO DO SO COULD RESULT IN ADDITIONAL COSTS

Step 2. Make sure your RTD+ is set up and ready to use. If not, follow the instructions HERE.

Step 3. Connect the HP Tuners RTD+ to the vehicle and to your Windows10 based laptop or tablet, and open the RTD+ Flasher software.

Step 4. Select "Read Vehicle", then click "Read" in the pop-up window. When the read is complete, save the file as "Stock File".

Step 5. Click HERE and attach the "Stock File". Include all vehicle modifications in the email.

Step 6. Once you have received your custom tune from Jonathan's Performance, Follow the steps to loading the tune into your car HERE!