Getting Started with HP Tuners RTD+!

Posted by Jonathan Baker on

Step 1. Open your new RTD+!

Step 2. Connect your RTD+ to your Windows10 based laptop or tablet.

Step 3. Download RTD Flasher.

Step 4. On, go to "My Account" and create a new account.

Step 5. Open the RTD+ Flasher software, go to "Help", then RTD+ Verification Code.

Step 6. Go to "My Devices" and enter your RTD+ Serial Number and Verification ID in the MPVI2 Section, and click "Import".

 Step 7. If your verification code doesn't come up in the software, you may need to first resync your RTD+. Do that by clicking "Help", then "Resync Interface". After that, go back to Step 6.

Step 8. Download VCM Suite(Beta) at

Step 9. Install VCM Suite. Out of this, only VCM Scanner and RTD+ Flasher software is supported by the RTD+. VCM Editor is not.

Your RTD+ is now ready to go!