Noah's 832WHP TwinTurboMustang.Net Twin Turbo 2015 Mustang GT!

Posted by Jonathan Baker on

Just 2 months after Noah purchased his car, it was fitted with a ProCharger at 9psi and made a respectable 575whp and 525wtq on California 91 Octane fuel. Seven months later the ProCharger came off and Noah decided to design and build a Twin Turbo kit that would rival anything on the market. I'm privileged to have been able to assist Noah and with the kit and take on the job of tuning it! Noah's car consists of MMR oil pump/crank gear, HD secondary chains, Fore fuel system, ID1000 injectors, Tuned by Jonathan's Performance with HP Tuners and an HP Tuners nGauge, Project 6GR wheels, and BMR suspension components. On 8psi of boost and Cali 91oct fuel the car made 691whp. Once we tuned it for FlexFuel, we topped it off with pump E85 and it made 758whp. We then turned the boost up to 10 psi, and the car made 832whp, and 706wtq!